Nano sponge

Nano sponge is an innovative product, highly effective for cleaning dirt, moist and plaques without any chemicals! Just pour some water and clean any dirt without a trace.

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  • Effectively cleans any surface from hard plutants, like lime, scale etc.;
  • Works amazingly while removing tough dirt from surfaces like kitchen tables, metal surfaces, ceramics and so on;
  • Just add water to the sponge and you are ready to wipe away grime. No chemicals needed.
  • The sponge is reusable several times.



  • Do not use sponge for cleaning of soft, glossy surfaces (glossy metal surfaces can be cleaned);
  • Do not pour any type of chemicals on the sponge, especially cleaners containing chloride;
  • Do not press the sponge hard to the surface – it’s cleaning properties do not become better while pressing harder;