Nano coating for vehicle interior

Greasy stains, dried or wet dirt, mud, dog tracks, the juice spilled by the children. It is a daily hazard for Your upholstery. You can effectively protect Your car interior with this nano coating.

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  • durability of the applied coating (approximately 1 to 2 years),
  • the effect of liquid water droplet and oil on coated material,
  • ”easy-to-clean” effect,
  • preserve color and ”touch” of the coated with the material, after application,
  • impregnation of the highest quality materials available on the world markets,
  • security and ease of application and use,
  • resistance to dry cleaning,
  • constancy of the degree of ”breathing” material,
  • the possibility of re-marking, without prejudice to the material,
  • neutrality to human health,
  • high level of penetration of fibers, causing the nanoparticles to cover every single fiber.

seats, seat (velvet, leather), carpet and textile rugs.

Up to 2 years.

100-200 ml/m2

Available capacities: