Nano coating for convertibles

Very useful product for car owners, providing hydrophobic effect for vinyl, tent-cloth roofs that gives permanent protection against water, dirt, salts etc.

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This product  provides the waterproofing coating designed to protect convertible car roof. The product impregnates the surface with silane nano particles, thus preventing from penetration of dirt and pollutants into the interior. The material is resistant to water and substantially reduces the possibility of stains.Hydrophobic effect

Repulsion of liquid through the hydrophobic effect on the covered material, facilitates the removal of spilled liquid from the impregnated surface and makes it difficult for stains to appear. The coating produces thin invisible layer around fibers, while not changing the material (the feel, look and degree of ”breathing” stays the same). Nanocoating is resistant to condensation water, salt solutions, acid rain and dry cleaning. This product contains no harmful solvents for humans, is based on water and is safe for the environment.



  • easy to apply;
  • no more expensive cleaners required to clean the coated surface;
  • hydrophobic properties adds ”self-cleaning” feature;
  • prevents water from soaking in;
  • stops dirt, salts from sticking to the surface;
  • does not alter colour;
  • air penetrability of the material stays the same;
  • can be used for vinyl, tent-cloth roofs;
  • long lasting (up to 18 months);
  • the possibility of re-coating, without any effect to the material,
  • neutrality to human health,
  • high level of penetration of fibers, causing the nanoparticles to cover every single fiber.

Product efficiency:

120-150 ml/sq.m.

Available quantity:

250 ml