Hydrophobic nano coating for shoes

Water based silane coating for all types of textile, unvarnished leather shoes with superhydrophobic effect.

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We present You a long lasting hydrophobic coating for shoes. This product is very easy to use and has a long-lasting shield, protecting Your shoes from dirt, mud and salts during winter seasons.
HYDROPHOBIC NANOCOATING FOR SHOES is made of alcoxysilane nanoparticles mixed with water, which penetrate into the structure and protect the coated fiber material against the rain, dirt, snow or even salts!

  • durability of the applied coating (approximately 1 year in normal conditions or 3-4 months in extreme conditions);
  • the effect of liquid water droplet and oil on coated material;
  • ”easy-to-clean” effect;
  • preserve color and ”touch” of the coated with the material, after application;
  • impregnation of the highest quality materials available on the world markets;
  • security and ease of application and use;
  • resistance to non-chemical cleaning;
  • doesn’t alter the degree of ”breathing”, colour, touching feeling of the material;
  • the possibility of re-coating, without any effect to the material;
  • neutrality to human health;
  • high level of penetration of fibers, causing the nanoparticles to cover every single fiber;

NOTE: If You’re coating an used shoe, firstly thoroughly clean the shoe’s surface and only then coat the surface with this product. This coating is not suitable for varnished leather shoes or shoes coated with wax, silicone products.
one bottle can coat 8-10 pairs classic leather shoes for men, 2 pairs of suede, nubuck leather medium heel shoes, 1 pair of knee high suede, nubuck leather shoes etc.
100 mlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=59&v=4tTHQZsc8h4